Real Estate, Construction & Planning Lawyer

Whether it is a question of classic property development, where Fairview Avocat advises both French developers and foreign developers investing in France, or of more specialized areas of business such as tourism or multi-ownership for example, the firm supports its clients as it has done over many years whatever the economic climate.

In property matters Fairview Avocat deals with questions related to:

  • Leases for offices, hotels, and shops in town centres and in shopping centres and malls
  • Finalization of loans granted to real estate investors with mortgages and personal guarantees
  • Acquisition or sale of real estate assets
  • Compliance with co-ownership regulations on behalf of its clients (developers, banks, financial bodies, companies, agencies, individuals, co-owners’ associations, etc).

Property and construction litigation and in particular all disputes which may be faced by sellers, buyers or estate agents, such as hidden defects, lack of consent, lack of conformity, structural defects, etc.

From consultancy to litigation, Fairview Avocat guarantees total knowledge of applicable rules and will respond rapidly to assist you in negotiations or in legal action and particularly in the event of ‘référés’ [where immediate action is required such as damages, expert opinion, etc].