Facility Management / Asset Management

From Menton to Saint Tropez, the Côte d'Azur is a remarkable and historic tourist area. From the 19th century, English and European aristocrats built magnificent second homes where they spent the winter on the shores of the Mediterranean. Today this dream has become accessible to thousands of non-resident owners.

Any of you who are lucky enough to own property or a second home today may often be faced with everyday problems in the management of your local interests.

For this reason our law firm provides a structured management service of the interests of non-resident owners. Our range of services in this respect is relatively wide. It covers all areas of operational management:

  • Advice during the purchase process
  • Finance structures for property assets
  • Creation of private and commercial property investment companies
  • Advice on property law and planning
  • Contract management of construction and renovation projects
  • Legal assistance and management of relationships with suppliers
  • Official representation of your interests with co-ownerships, local and regional authorities
  • Legal and fiscal advice in relation to property sales
  • ...

Naturally we intervene beyond the property boundary:

  • Consultancy and litigation in financial management cases
  • Operational and legal surveillance of rental management powers of attorney
  • Assistance and advice in the event of damage: theft, break-ins, vandalism, etc
  • ...

Whatever your needs, we offer you proximity and security in the handling of each operation. The lawyers’ code of professional ethics provide you with essential guarantees in the handling of your interests: confidentiality, professional secrecy, absence of conflicts of interests

Everyday the interventions of our partner huissiers and notaires provide a complementary and indispensable legal guarantee.